About Me

Dear Somebody

My name is Brianna Jo but you can call me Jo, Bri, or Brianna I don’t really care. I like music and currently listen to Eric Shelby, BVB, metro station, BODF, Three Days Grace, Avery, Sugarcult, These Hearts, Evanescence, Drowning Pool,  The Twenty First, cold play, KSM, secondhand serenade, and so many others. My current fave color is black or red, food hmm have to say salmon flavored with rosemary thyme and lemon on a bed of jasmine rice, person hmm not my boyfriend (don’t even ask), store hot topic, hobbie reading. My eyes are blue (I wish they were prettier) my hair is dirty blond more brown than blond (I wish it was black) I am thin bony even but not anorexic (I wish I had more curves). I have a sporadic memory so I’ll post when I want to and remember this is here. I am an armature writer of songs and stories never published. I ask to many questions to be stupid and to few to be smart. I like old cars, mustangs, trucks, and american muscle cars. I plan on posting stories songs and using this like a sort of diary so read if you wish.

Yours Truly,

Brianna Jo


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