what do you do

what do you do when your hearts been broken

what do you say with those word unspoken

who do you love when love’s been lost

who do you call with your last good-bye

my nana’s got cancer and my great grandpa is on his death-bed I don’t know what to do anymore why did this happen to them now when I need them no ones there to save me anymore when my brother is crying on my shoulder what do I say when I know its not going to be ok we’re falling apart at the seams

im not ok im not alright

it feals like the end of my life

you see it crash you see it burn

but only in the days return



About briajv

I am lost in my own little world most of the time someday I hope to bring others there as well will you come along for the ride. personal all info is in "read this first"
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